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Ubiquitous technology for lifelong learners

TitleUbiquitous technology for lifelong learners
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsTabuenca, B.
PublisherWelten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology)
Number of Pages1-280
Date Published07/2015
UniversityOpen Universiteit
Place PublishedHeerlen, The Netherlands
Type of WorkDoctoral thesis
ISBN Number9789492231055
Keywordsambient learning displays, Arduino, awareness, Bluetooth low energy, Chromecast, digital competence, feedback, learning to learn, Lifelong Learning, mobile learning, mobile notifications, NFC, OER, reflective practice, self-regulated learning, ubiquitous technology

Nowadays, most people change their career throughout their lives, many times independently on what they learned during their formal education period. Therefore, the necessity to continually keep our skills sharp and up-to-date becomes increasingly important in a rapidly changing job market. The European Commission stressed the importance of lifelong learning as a key challenge for the knowledge society to adapt to the pace in which digital technology is transforming every aspect of people’s lives. Later on, the Commission published a reference framework comprising eight competences to flexibly adapt to a rapidly changing and highly interconnected world. In this thesis, we aim at supporting learners to understand the way they can better learn in-context using technology, therefore we focus on two specific competences, namely, learning to learn and digital competence.


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