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The use of MOOCs for training of the future computer science teachers in Ukraine

TitleThe use of MOOCs for training of the future computer science teachers in Ukraine
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsStrutynska, O., & Umryk M.
PublisherInternational Scientific Conference DLCC2016
Date Published10/2016
Place PublishedCieszyn, Poland
Keywordsfuture Computer Science teachers, integration of MOOCs and Traditional Learning, MOOCs, professional development

The article is examines the global trends in MOOCs development, problems and perspectives of implementation and using of MOOCs in Ukraine. Some experience of MOOCS introduction to face-toface learning is analyzed. The article is includes the analysis of authors' experience concerning the MOOCs recommended for supporting of training of the future computer science teachers in Ukraine. The
authors offer the way of MOOCs introduction for supporting face-to-face learning in three stages: a) preuniversity preparing of students; b) additions to the traditional courses with MOOCs training elements; c) advanced training and retraining of specialists. The authors' experience of using MOOC in these three stages are described and discussed. Finally, the problems that appeared and solutions which could be beneficial formulated.


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