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Why MOOCs while dealing with large numbers of distance learners

TitleWhy MOOCs while dealing with large numbers of distance learners
Publication TypeVideo
AuthorsAydin, C. H.
Year of Publication2018
Date Published05/2018

This webinar focuses on a long-time open and distance learning provider institution’s MOOCs initiative. It does not only provide an insight about the instructional, assessment, and managerial strategies but also clarifies the differences and similarities between MOOCs and the other distance education courses, uncovers the institution’s major motives for offering MOOCs. The webinar, at the same time, offers a vision about how the MOOCs experience can help the traditional distance education providers, such as Anadolu, complete their e-transformation.

Questions to be discussed:

What are the similarities and differences between traditional distance education courses and MOOCs?
What were the drivers for offering MOOCs?
What kinds of lessons have we, as Anadolu University, learned that might be effective on our future distance education offerings?

Keywordsdistance education, higher education, MOOC, webinar

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