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Yet another perspectives about designing and implementing a MOOC

TitleYet another perspectives about designing and implementing a MOOC
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsChew, S. W., Cheng I. - L., & Chen N. - S.
EditorsJemni, M., Kinshuk, & Khribi M. K.
PublisherOpen education: From OERs to MOOCs
Series TitleLecture Notes in Educational Technology
Date Published08/2016
Secondary PublisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
ISBNeBook 978-3-662-52925-6
ISBN NumberHardcover 978-3-662-52923-2
Keywordsinteractive learning activity, massive open online course, microcourse, MOOC, recording method, team teaching, video lecture

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are rapidly growing, fulfilling the learning needs of learners these days. Video lectures and in-video learning activities are elements that distinctively differs MOOCs from other online courses. Hence, the recording and production process of these video lectures, along with insertion of learning activities are important to produce an efficient MOOC course and sustaining learners engagement. Furthermore, segmenting technics and structuring the course are other elements to consider in designing the course. Alongside, instructors are stimulated to think of new ways to adapt to the change in the learning needs of learners. Designing MOOCs as microcourses, team teaching, changing the roles of lecturers and students, utilizing existing materials, and OERs in MOOCs are some of the ideas and concepts to be considered. Some experience sharing on issues and challenges faced in operating MOOCs along with the proposals of potential solutions are also discussed in this chapter including the assessment of learners’ performance, administration of MOOCs, and credibility of MOOC certificates.


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