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Fitzgerald, B. (2005).  Open content licencing (OCL) for Open Educational Resources. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 1-19. Abstract  Download: 36428281.pdf (88.1 KB)
Fulantelli, G., Gentile M., Taibi D., & Allegra M. (2008).  The Open Learning Object Model to promote open educational resources. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. JIME Special Issue: Researching open content in education, 1-11. Abstract  Download: 138-1331-1-PB.pdf (1.01 MB)
de Ruijter, P., Ferreira G., & Parsons R. (2008).  Using educational technology to reach a wider audience for healthcare technology management. International Seminar on Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries (AHT 2008), 21-22 May 2008. Abstract  Download: HTM_IET2008_ATM.pdf (218.93 KB)
Ferreira, G. (2008).  What about the teacher? Open educational resources et al. EADTU 2008 Conference, 18-19 Sep 2008. Abstract  Download: 9DA69B0B.pdf (120.11 KB)
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Baker, J., Thierstein J., Fletcher K., Kaur M., & Emmons J. (2009).  Open textbook proof-of-concept via Connexions. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. 10(5), 1-13. Abstract  Download: 633-6086-3-PB.pdf (219.21 KB)
Fini, A. (2009).  The technological dimension of a massive open online course: The case of the CCK08 course tools. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 10(5), 1-26. Abstract  Download: 643-6133-6-PB.pdf (683.65 KB)
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Crispin-Bailey, C., & Freeman M. (2010).  Java Bread Board Tools final report. Joint Information Systems Committee. 1-22. Abstract  Download: OER_1_York_final_report[1].pdf (1.73 MB)