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Macintyre, R. (2013).  Open educational partnerships and collective learning. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 2013(3), 20. Abstract  Download: 281-2483-2-PB.pdf (559.29 KB)
Macintyre, R., Page A., & Cannell P. (2016).  Opening educational practices in Scotland (OEPS). Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 1(12), 1-6. Abstract  Download: 412-3229-1-PB.pdf (333.24 KB)
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Madhura, K., Jayashree S., & Sarika D. (2012).  Evaluation of learning objects. Proceedings of the Regional Symposium on Open Educational Resources: An Asian perspective on policy and practices. 1-20. Abstract  Download: OERAsia_Symposium_Penang_2012_Proceedings-11.pdf (924.63 KB)
Malin, J. R. (2015).  "MOOCing" on up? Experiences of an elusive course completer. Mid-Western Educational Research Association. 27(1), 31-50. Abstract
Mallinson, B., & Krull G. (2015).  An OER online course remixing experience. Open Praxis. 7(3), 263-271. Abstract  Download: 195-985-2-PB.pdf (860.14 KB)
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Manathunga, K., Hernández-Leo D., & Sharples M. (2017).  A social learning space grid for MOOCs: Exploring a FutureLearn case. Digital Education: Out to the World and Back to the Campus. 10254, 243–253. Abstract