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Pomerantz, J., & Peek R. (2016).  Fifty shades of open. First Monday. 21(5),  Abstract  Download: Pomerantz.pdf (502.34 KB)
Petrides, L., Goger L., & Jimes C. (2016).  The role of "open" in strategic library planning. Education Policy Analysis Archives. 24(26), 1-17. Abstract  Download: 2478-9454-1-PB.pdf (801.39 KB)
Pitt, R. (2015).  Mainstreaming Open Textbooks: Educator perspectives on the impact of OpenStax College open textbooks. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 16(4), 133-155. Abstract  Download: 2381-18715-3-PB.pdf (188.68 KB)
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Picasso, V., & Phelan L. (2014).  The evolution of open access to research and data in Australian higher education. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 11(3), 122–133. Abstract  Download: 2076-8080-2-PB.pdf (656.83 KB); Spanish version 2076-8091-2-PB.pdf (492.07 KB)