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Freitas, A., & Paredes J. (2018).  Understanding the faculty perspectives influencing their innovative practices in MOOCs/SPOCs: A case study. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. 15(5), 1-13. Abstract  Download: 10.1186%2Fs41239-017-0086-6.pdf (533.4 KB)
Epelboin, Y. (2016).  MOOCs: A viable business model?. Open education: From OERs to MOOCs. 241–259. Abstract
Chen, W. - E. (2016).  Case study on using MOOC materials in a small private online course. (Uden, Lorna, Liberona, Dario, Feldmann, Birgit, Ed.).LTEC 2016: Learning Technology for Education in Cloud – The Changing Face of Education. 620, 162 - 167. Abstract