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Tosato, P., & Bodi G. (2011).  Collaborative environments to foster creativity, reuse and sharing of OER. European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning. 1-6. Abstract  Download: Tosato_Bodi.pdf (96.51 KB)
Pisutova, K. (2012).  Open education. 2012 IEEE 10th International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications (ICETA)2012 IEEE 10th International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications (ICETA). 297 - 300. Abstract
Belawati, T. (2014).  Open education, open education resources, and massive open online courses. International Journal of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning. 7(1), 1-15. Abstract  Download: tian02eng.pdf (415.24 KB)
21st century literacies
Wiley, D., & Green C. (2012).  Why openness in education?. Game changers: Education and information technologies. 81-89. Abstract  Download: PUB72036 pdf.pdf (2.5 MB)
Rao, A., Hilton J., & Harper S. (2017).  Khan Academy videos in Chinese: A case study in OER revision. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 18(5), 305-315. Abstract  Download: 3086-24554-1-PB.pdf (435.12 KB)
7Cs of Learning Design framework
Conole, G., & Brown M. (2018).  Reflecting on the impact of the Open Education movement. Journal of Learning for Development - JL4D. 5(1), 187-203. Abstract  Download: 314-1618-6-PB.pdf (670.18 KB)
academic development
academic librarians
Smith, B., & Lee L. (2016).  Librarians and OER: Cultivating a community of practice to be more effective advocates. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning. 1 - 17. Abstract
academic libraries
academic library
academic publishing
Ryan, B. (2013).  Publishing support. Chandos Digital Information Review. 137 - 163. Abstract
academic staff development
Stagg, A. (2014).  OER adoption: A continuum for practice. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 11(3), 151–164. Abstract  Download: 2102-8082-2-PB.pdf (492.15 KB); Spanish version 2102-8093-2-PB.pdf (501.96 KB)
acceso abierto
Santos-Hermosa, G., Ferran-Ferrer N., & Abadal E. (2012).  Recursos educativos abiertos: Repositorios y uso. El Profesional de la Informacion. 21(2), 136 - 145. Abstract  Download: Santos-Ferran-Abadal.pdf (543.89 KB)