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Hoosen, S., & Butcher N. (2019).  Understanding the impact of OER: Achievements and challenges. UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education . 1-178. Abstract  Download: Understanding_the_impact_of_OER_2019_final.pdf (2.65 MB)
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Liyanagunawardena, T. R., Lundqvist K. O., & Williams S. A. (2015).  Massive open online courses and economic sustainability. European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning. 18(2), 95-112. Abstract  Download: Liyanagunawardena_et_al.pdf (403.95 KB)
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Bissell, A. N. (2011).  OER and open licenses: The dual-pub solution. The Monterey Institute for Technology and Education. 1-9. Abstract  Download: 59893035-OER-and-Open-Licenses-Dual-Pub-Solution.pdf (160 KB)
Hilton, III, J. L., & Wiley D. A. (2011).  Open-access textbooks and financial sustainability: A case study on flat world knowledge. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. 12(5), 18-26. Abstract  Download: 960-8024-2-PB.pdf (390.57 KB)