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Jia, J., & Zhang B. (2018).  Design guidelines for mobile MOOC learning–-An empirical study. Blended Learning. Enhancing Learning Success. 10949, 347–356. Abstract
Tabuenca, B. (2015).  Ubiquitous technology for lifelong learners. Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology). 1-280. Abstract  Download: thesis_print.pdf (46.15 MB)
Sharples, M., Kloos C. D., Dimitriadis Y., Garlatti S., & Specht M. (2015).  Mobile and accessible learning for MOOCs. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 1(4), 1-8. Abstract  Download: 370-2809-2-PB.pdf (891.81 KB)
Kanwar, A. (2013).  Mind to MOOC. Commonwealth of Learning (COL). 1-2. Abstract  Download: 2013_KanwarA_MindtoMOOC_Transcript.pdf (101.87 KB)
Kanwar, A. (2013).  Democratising higher education through OER - What are the possibilities?. International Conference on Science and Technology for Economic Diversification, Trinidad & Tobago, 7 June 2013. Abstract  Download: 2013_KanwarA_DemocratizingHeighEdOER_Transcript.pdf (194.35 KB); 2013_KanwarA_DemocratizingHeighEdOER_Slides.pdf (3.31 MB)
Specht, M., Ternier S., Drachsler H., & Tabuenca B. (2012).  OER in the mobile era: Content repositories’ features for mobile devices and future trends. eLearningpapers.eu. 32(Europe elearning papers, [Special issue] Mobile learning ), 1-16. Abstract  Download: eLearningPapers_btabuenca.pdf (2.01 MB)
Tenney, J., & Stapleton S. (2012).  The PARiS project: Mobile learning. Cambridge 2012, April 16-18: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education. Abstract  Download: powerpoint The PARiS Project Mobile Learning.pdf (1.57 MB); poster The PARiS Project Mobile Learning.pdf (1.45 MB); The PARiS Project Mobile Learning - Julian Tenney.pdf (59.19 KB)