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distance learning
Kuna, M., & Parrish P. (2014).  How much OOO in your MOOC?. Form@re - Open Journal per la formazione in rete. 14(1), 50-60. Abstract  Download: 14754-29020-2-PB.pdf (419.84 KB)
Kaygorodtseva, N., & Luzgina V. (2018).  Practical skills in AutoCAD through a mass open online course. ICGG 2018 - Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics. 809, 1603–1610. Abstract
Castilho, S., Gaspari F., Moorkens J., & Way A. (2017).  Integrating machine translation into MOOCs. (Gómez Chova, Luis, López Martínez, Agustín, Candel Torres, Ignacio, Ed.).International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. 1, 9360 - 9365. Abstract  Download: Castilho et al 2017.pdf (246.95 KB)
Komba, W. L. M. (2009).  Increasing education access through open and distance learning in Tanzania: A critical review of approaches and practices. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology . 5(5), 8-21. Abstract  Download: EDICT-2009-859.pdf (231.19 KB)
[Anonymous] (2018).  I’m never doing this again!: Identifying and solving faculty challenges in adoption of Open Educational Resources. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration. XXI(2),  Abstract  Download: I.pdf (282.86 KB)
Frydenberg, J. (2009).  Distance education and its potential for international co-operative education. Revue Scientifique et Technique-Office International des Epizooties. 28(2), 839-845. Abstract
Trinidade, A. R., Carmo H., & Bidarra J. (2000).  Current developments and best practice in open and distance learning. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 1(1), 1-25. Abstract  Download: 7-65-2-PB.pdf (502.21 KB)
D'Antoni, S. (2013).  Open educational resources: Access to knowledge — A personal reflection. Commonwealth of Learning, Athabasca University. 127-140. Download: pub_PS_OER-IRP_CH9.pdf (147.91 KB)
Wiley, D. A., & Hilton J. (2009).  Openness, dynamic specialization, and the disaggregated future of higher education. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 10(5), 1-16. Abstract  Download: 768-6166-5-PB.pdf (182.24 KB)
distance teachers
distance teaching
distance universities
distance-dependence model