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didactic design
Helms, N. H., & Heilesen S. B. (2011).  Framing creativity. User-driven innovation in changing contexts. European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning. 1-9. Abstract  Download: Helms_Heilesen.pdf (183.38 KB)
didactic methodflipped classroom
didactical innovation
Sancassani, S., Corti P., & Baudo V. (2017).  An international collaboration in the design experience of a MOOC series. Digital Education: Out to the World and Back to the Campus. 10254, 113–119. Abstract
Babori, A., Fassi H. F., & Zaid A. (2019).  Research on MOOCs: Current trends and taking into account of content. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Networking, Information Systems & Security - NISS19. 1 - 9. Abstract
differentiation of learners
Martschink, B. (2014).  Mathematics courses: Fostering individuality through EMOOCs. eLearning Papers. 37(March 2014), 71-78. Abstract  Download: From-field_37_5.pdf (335.56 KB)
Lane, A. (2010).  Designing for innovation around OER. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. Abstract  Download: 172-1688-2-PB.pdf (220.11 KB)
diffusion of innovation
Lin, J., & Cantoni L. (2018).  Decision, implementation, and confirmation: Experiences of instructors behind tourism and hospitality MOOCs. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 19(1), 275-293. Abstract  Download: 3402-26458-1-PB.pdf (527.97 KB)
diffusion of innovation theory
Diffusion of Innovations
digital access
Digital Agenda for Europ
[Anonymous] (2014).  Principles and first insights from the sectoral consultation on building digital capacity in Irish higher education. National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. 1-26. Abstract  Download: Digital-Roadmap-PHASE1MAY282014.pdf (2.49 MB)
digital badges
digital badging
Law, P. (2015).  Digital badging at The Open University: Recognition for informal learning. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning. 30(3), 221 - 234. Abstract
digital commons
Ryan, B. (2013).  Publishing support. Chandos Digital Information Review. 137 - 163. Abstract
digital competence
Vivanet, G. (2014).  Open educational resources: Strategie di ricerca e selezione. Form@re - Open Journal per la formazione in rete. 14(1), 71-85. Abstract  Download: 14755-29024-2-PB.pdf (781.34 KB)
Tabuenca, B. (2015).  Ubiquitous technology for lifelong learners. Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology). 1-280. Abstract  Download: thesis_print.pdf (46.15 MB)
digital competences