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Schuwer, R., & Mulder F. (2009).  OpenER, a Dutch initiative in open educational resources. Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning. 24(1), 67 - 76. Abstract
extreme apprenticeship
exploratory factor analysis
explanatory sequential mixed design
expert survey
[Anonymous] (2014).  The VLAB OER experience: Modeling potential-adopter student acceptance.. IEEE Transactions on Education, Education. 57(4), 235. Abstract
experiential learning
expected norms
Littlejohn, A., & Hood N. (2018).  The many guises of MOOCs. Reconceptualising Learning in the Digital Age: The [Un]democratising Potential of MOOCs. 1 - 19. Abstract
éxito de los estudiantes
Rohs, M., & Ganz M. (2015).  MOOCs and the claim of education for all: A disillusion by empirical data. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 16(6), 1-19. Abstract  Download: 2033-19050-1-PB.pdf (622.52 KB)
example-based learning
Kim, D. (2018).  A framework for implementing OER-based lesson design activities for pre-service teachers. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 19(4), 148-170. Abstract  Download: 3394-28417-1-PB.pdf (612.06 KB)
Burnett, D. D., & Collins N. D. (2010).  Higher education for our time. Journal of Computing in Higher Education. 22(3), 192 - 198. Abstract
evidence-based practice
evidence-based advocacy
Farrow, R. (2014).  OER impact: Collaboration, evidence, synthesis. OCWC Global 2014: Open Education for a Multicultural World, 23-25 April, 2014. Abstract  Download: Paper_51-OER-Impact.pdf (215.26 KB)
Every Student Succeeds Act
evaluation rubric
Madhura, K., Jayashree S., & Sarika D. (2012).  Evaluation of learning objects. Proceedings of the Regional Symposium on Open Educational Resources: An Asian perspective on policy and practices. 1-20. Abstract  Download: OERAsia_Symposium_Penang_2012_Proceedings-11.pdf (924.63 KB)
evaluation of OERs
Thille, C. (2008).  Building open learning as a community-based research activity. Opening Up Education The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology Open Content and Open Knowledge, The MIT Press. 165–179. Abstract  Download: Thille_2008_Building_Open_Learning.pdf (462.43 KB)
evaluation of CAL systems
evaluation methodologies
evaluation criteria
Bozkurt, A., & Bozkaya M. (2015).  Evaluation criteria for interactive e-books for open and distance learning. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 16(5), 58-82. Abstract  Download: 2218-18329-2-PB.pdf (466.51 KB)