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Jacob’s change model
jiFUNzeni approach
jigsaw groups
Lombardi, M. M. (2013).  The inside story: Campus decision making in the wake of the latest MOOC tsunami . MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. 9(2), 1-10. Abstract  Download: lombardi_0613.pdf (1.02 MB)
joint enterprise
Lee, M. M., Lin M. F. G., & Bonk C. J. (2007).  OOPS, Turning MIT Opencourseware into Chinese: An analysis of a community of practice of global translators. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. 8(3), 1-21. Abstract  Download: 463-3805-2-PB.pdf (418.82 KB)
Joint Task Force on Textbook and Reader Affordability
Joseph Campbell
Dawson, C., Meetoo K., & Brown A. (2016).  The learner’s journey – Creating more engaging MOOCj. Enhancing European Higher Education “Opportunities and impact of new modes of teaching”. 705 - 716. Abstract
journal article permissions
Buehler, M. A. (2013).  Academic shift towards open access. Demystifying the Institutional Repository for Success. 29 - 62. Abstract
journal pricing
journal publishing
junk food
Baggaley, J. (2014).  MOOCS: Digesting the facts. Distance Education. 35(2), 159 - 163. Abstract
just-in-time learning
Schmidt-Jones, C. (2012).  An open education resource supports a diversity of inquiry-based learning. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 13(1), 2-16. Abstract  Download: 1141-9229-2-PB.pdf (437.15 KB)