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l estndards d'accessibilitat
Morales, G. R., & Carrin S. C. (2010).  OER, estndares y tendencias. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 7(1),  Abstract
Lambert tool-kit
West, R., Taylor M., & Teemant B. (2011).  Cultural affordances, learning objects, and the localization/globalization dilemma. 1st international symposium on Open Educational Resources: Issues for localization and globalization.  Download: west.pdf (1.17 MB)
language apps
[Anonymous] (2017).  Beyond the language classroom: Researching MOOCs and other innovations. Research-publishing.net. 1-169. Abstract  Download: 978-1-908416-53-7.pdf (4.28 MB)
language arts education
language barrier
Language Box
language education
language gap
language learning
language MOOCs
language teaching