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o acesso aberto à pesquisa
Petrides, L., Goger L., & Jimes C. (2016).  The role of "open" in strategic library planning. Education Policy Analysis Archives. 24(26), 1-17. Abstract  Download: 2478-9454-1-PB.pdf (801.39 KB)
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OA metadata
Flynn, E. A. (2013).  Open access metadata, catalogers, and vendors: The future of cataloging records. The Journal of Academic Librarianship. 39(1 (January 2013) ), 29 - 31. Abstract
OA policy
OA research
OA support
Wagner, K. M. (2019).  Faculty and students’ perceptions of Open Educational Resources vs. traditional textbooks. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing. Doctor of Education in Innovation and Leadership, 1-284. Abstract
OAT courses
Todorinova, L., & Wilkinson Z. (2019).  Finding new angles: OER student survey data and the academic library narrative. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2019. 211-215. Abstract  Download: FindingNewAngles.pdf (555.62 KB)
objectes d'aprenentatge
Morales, G. R., & Carrin S. C. (2010).  OER, estndares y tendencias. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 7(1),  Abstract
objeto de aprendizaje
objetos de aprendizagem
Amiel, T., Orey M., & West R. (2011).  Open educational resources (OER): models for adaptation and localization. ETD - Educação Temática Digital. 12, 112–125. Abstract  Download: 2284-9040-1-PB.pdf (394.84 KB)
Ravet, S. (2017).  Open recognition and its enemies (4) — Quality assurance. Learning Futures: Reflections on Learning, Technologies, Identities and Trust. 2017, This blog is about learning, technologies and identities. Competencies and Quality are other issues I like to address from time.
[Anonymous] (2014).  The VLAB OER experience: Modeling potential-adopter student acceptance.. IEEE Transactions on Education, Education. 57(4), 235. Abstract
occupational qualifications
Waks, L. J. (2016).  MOOCs and career qualifications. The Evolution and Evaluation of Massive Open Online Courses: MOOCs in Motion. 83–101. Abstract