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[Anonymous] (2014).  National OER Framework. Paul Stacey: Musings on the edtech frontier. 2014, Abstract
quadruple helix
Helms, N. H., & Heilesen S. B. (2011).  Framing creativity. User-driven innovation in changing contexts. European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning. 1-9. Abstract  Download: Helms_Heilesen.pdf (183.38 KB)
qualidade da educação
qualitative case study
qualitative literature review
Ghislandi, P. (2016).  “The fun they had” or about the quality of MOOC. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society. 12(3), 99-114. Abstract  Download: 1178-2641-1-PB.pdf (419.88 KB)
qualitative methodology
Cabrera, N., & Ferrer M. F. (2017).  Examining MOOCs: A comparative study among educational technology experts in traditional and open universities. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 18(2), 47-67. Abstract  Download: 2789-23466-1-PB.pdf (817.56 KB)
Abeer, W., & Miri B. (2014).  Students’ preferences and views about learning in a MOOC. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 152(October 2014), 318 - 323. Abstract  Download: 1-s2.0-S1877042814052707-main.pdf (270.86 KB)
qualitative research
Browne, T., Holding R., Howell A., & Rodway-Dyer S. (2010).  The challenges of OER to academic practice. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 1-15. Abstract  Download: 169-1686-2-PB.pdf (313.68 KB)
E.Ossiannilsson, & Creelman A. (2011).  Quality indicators within the use of open educational resources in higher education . Education in a Technological World: Communicating Current and Emerging Research and Technological Efforts. 372-382. Abstract  Download: 372-382.pdf (1.85 MB)
Sinclair, J., Joy M., Yin-Kim Yau J., & Hagan S. (2013).  A practice-oriented review of learning objects. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. 6(2), 177 - 192. Abstract  Download: 06461873.pdf (813.73 KB)
Bates, T. (2015).  What do we mean by quality when teaching in a digital age?. Online learning and distance education resources: Moderated by Tony Bates, Research Associate, Contact North. 2015,
Ikahihifo, T. K., Spring K. J., Rosecrans J., & Watson J. (2017).  Assessing the savings from open educational resources on student academic goals. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 18(7), 126-140. Abstract  Download: 2754-25623-1-PB.pdf (394.58 KB)