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Recursos Educacionais Abertos (REA)
Petrides, L., Goger L., & Jimes C. (2016).  The role of "open" in strategic library planning. Education Policy Analysis Archives. 24(26), 1-17. Abstract  Download: 2478-9454-1-PB.pdf (801.39 KB)
recursos educatius oberts
Morales, G. R., & Carrin S. C. (2010).  OER, estndares y tendencias. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 7(1),  Abstract
recursos educativos abiertos
James, R., & Bossu C. (2014).  Conversaciones desde el sur del ecuador: Retos y oportunidades que plantean los REA en Oceanía. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 11(3), 82-95. Abstract  Download: 78031423007.pdf (344.08 KB)
Santos-Hermosa, G., Ferran-Ferrer N., & Abadal E. (2012).  Recursos educativos abiertos: Repositorios y uso. El Profesional de la Informacion. 21(2), 136 - 145. Abstract  Download: Santos-Ferran-Abadal.pdf (543.89 KB)
Koroivulaono, T. (2014).  Open educational resources: A regional university’s journey. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal. 11(3), 91–107. Abstract  Download: 2121-8078-2-PB.pdf (1.62 MB); Spanish version 2121-8089-2-PB.pdf (1.66 MB)
Hannon, J., Huggard S., Orchard A., & Stone N. (2014).  OER in practice: Organisational change by bootstrapping. RUSC: Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento. 11(3), 135-151. Abstract  Download: 285066-392872-1-PB.pdf (807.06 KB)
Recursos Educativos Abiertos (REA)
red clarise
Redemial Course
Jiang, S., Williams A., Warschauer M., He W., & O'Dowd D. (2014).  Influence of incentives on performance in a pre-college biology MOOC. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 15(5), 99-112. Abstract  Download: 1858-15543-1-PB.pdf (303.09 KB)
redes académicas a distancia
Pan, G., & Bonk C. (2007).  The emergence of open-source software in North America. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 8(3), 1-17. Abstract  Download: 496-3756-2-PB.pdf (144.21 KB)
Martin, R. A. (2010).  Finding free and open access resources: A value-added service for patrons. Journal of Interlibrary Loan,Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve. 20(3), 189 - 200. Abstract
reference systems
Phi, M. T. (2018).  Integrating a MOOC into the MA curriculum: An ‘expert’ student’s reflections on blended learning. Flipping the blend through MOOCs, MALL and OIL – new directions in CALL. 25 - 31. Abstract  Download: 787.pdf (393.66 KB)
McAndrew, P., Farrow R., Elliott-Cirigottis G., & Law P. (2012).  Learning the lessons of openness. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 2012(2), 10. Abstract  Download: 240-2083-1-PB.pdf (220.02 KB)
reflective practice