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student-created OER
student-created content
Wiley, D., Webb A., Weston S., & Tonks D. L. (2017).  A preliminary exploration of the relationships between student-created OER, sustainability, and students success. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 18(4), 60-69. Abstract  Download: 3022-24035-1-PB.pdf (556.77 KB)
student-centred pedagogy
Stutchbury, K. (2016).  Moving forward with TESSA: What is the potential for MOOCs?. 3rd International Conference of the African Virtual University. 1-11. Abstract  Download: AVU_TESSA Strategy.pdf (728.89 KB)
student-centred learning
student-centered learning
Alvarez, I. (2013).  High aspirations: Transforming dance students from print consumers to digital producers. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 2013(3), 1-16. Abstract  Download: 283-2462-1-PB.pdf (533.33 KB)
student usage
student technology experiences
Blom, J., Verma H., Li N., Skevi A., & Dillenbourg P. (2013).  MOOCs are more social than you believe. eLearning Papers. 33(May 2013), 1-3. Abstract  Download: From-field_33_1.pdf (339.51 KB)
student surveys
student success
Brunton, J., Brown M., Costello E., & Farrell O. (2016).  ‘A good start is half the work’: Developing a MOOC to aid flexible learner transition into Higher Education. Enhancing European Higher Education “Opportunities and impact of new modes of teaching”. 570-577. Abstract
student savings
student satisfaction
Melicherikova, Z., & Piovarci A. (2016).  Experience with massive open online courses in Slovakia. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society. 12(1), 150-155. Abstract
student retention model
student retention