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[Anonymous] (2014).  State of the Commons. Creative Commons. Abstract  Download: CC infographic.pdf (506.53 KB)
Tacoma Community College OER Project:
tagging OER
Kawachi, P., & Yin S. (2012).  Tagging OER for skills profiling: User perspectives and interactions at no cost. Proceedings of the Regional Symposium on Open Educational Resources: An Asian perspective on policy and practices. 1-9. Abstract  Download: OERAsia_Symposium_Penang_2012_Proceedings-18.pdf (1.03 MB)
Komba, W. L. M. (2009).  Increasing education access through open and distance learning in Tanzania: A critical review of approaches and practices. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology . 5(5), 8-21. Abstract  Download: EDICT-2009-859.pdf (231.19 KB)
Mtebe, J., & Raisamo R. (2014).  Investigating perceived barriers to the use of open educational resources in higher education in Tanzania. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 15, 44-66. Abstract  Download: 1803-14261-1-PB.pdf (690.33 KB)
task coupling
Teacher Development
teacher education
Stutchbury, K. (2016).  Moving forward with TESSA: What is the potential for MOOCs?. 3rd International Conference of the African Virtual University. 1-11. Abstract  Download: AVU_TESSA Strategy.pdf (728.89 KB)
teacher educators