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York University
[Anonymous] (2018).  Access Copyright: 2017 annual report. Access Copyright. 1-35. Abstract  Download: access_2017ar.pdf (1.57 MB)
York University trial
[Anonymous] (2017).  Access Copyright: 2016 annual report. Access Copyright. 1-38. Abstract  Download: annualreport_2016.pdf (963.35 KB)
young adults
Rennie, F., & Reynolds P. (2014).  Two models for sharing digital open educational resources. Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice. 2(2), 17. Abstract  Download: paap.pdf (430.11 KB)
youth conference
youth education
youth unemployment
Dawson, C., Meetoo K., & Brown A. (2016).  The learner’s journey – Creating more engaging MOOCj. Enhancing European Higher Education “Opportunities and impact of new modes of teaching”. 705 - 716. Abstract