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Shoop, J. (2012).  The Saylor.org model. EDUCAUSE Publications. 337-342. Abstract
Butler, D., Leahy M., Hallissy M., & Brown M. (2017).  Scaling a model of teacher professional learning – Harnessing MOOCS to recreate deep learning conversations. (Tatnall, Arthur, Webb, Mary, Ed.).WCCE 2017: Tomorrow's Learning: Involving Everyone. Learning with and about Technologies and Computing. 149–160. Abstract
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Rosé, C. P., & Siemens G. (2014).  Shared task on prediction of dropout over time in massively open online courses. The 2014 Conference on Empirical Methods In Natural Language Processing Workshop on Modeling Large Scale Social Interaction In Massively Open Online Courses. 39-41. Abstract  Download: Siemens and Rose Proceedings 2014.pdf (174.32 KB)