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Engle, W. (2014).  UBC MOOC pilot: Design and delivery overview. University of British Columbia. 1-31. Abstract  Download: MOOC-UBC Report.pdf (1 MB)
Tabuenca, B. (2015).  Ubiquitous technology for lifelong learners. Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology). 1-280. Abstract  Download: thesis_print.pdf (46.15 MB)
Hodgkinson-Williams, C. (2015).  Uncovering what enables and constrains 'open practices' in the Global South: Reflections from the ROER4D Project. Keynote presentation at the 2nd International Conference of the African Virtual University.
Alario-Hoyos, C., Estévez-Ayres I., Pérez-Sanagustín M., Kloos C. D., & Fernández-Panadero C. (2017).  Understanding learners’ motivation and learning strategies in MOOCs. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 18(2), 119-137. Abstract  Download: 2996-23779-1-PB.pdf (726.62 KB)
Poellhuber, B., Roy N., & Bouchoucha I. (2019).  Understanding participant's behaviour in Massively Open Online Courses. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 20(1), 221-242. Abstract  Download: 3709-Article Text-29778-1-10-20190227.pdf (877.59 KB)
Farrow, R. (2014).  Understanding patterns in OER impact: The role of mapping and curation. Association for Learning Technology Annual Conference 2014. 49 slides. Abstract
Chiappe, A., & Arias V. (2015).  Understanding reusability as a key factor for Open Education: A review. International Review of Research in Open & Distance Learning. 16(1), 40-56. Abstract  Download: 2042-16594-1-PB.pdf (171.71 KB)
Freitas, A., & Paredes J. (2018).  Understanding the faculty perspectives influencing their innovative practices in MOOCs/SPOCs: A case study. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. 15(5), 1-13. Abstract  Download: 10.1186%2Fs41239-017-0086-6.pdf (533.4 KB)
Hoosen, S., & Butcher N. (2019).  Understanding the impact of OER: Achievements and challenges. UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education . 1-178. Abstract  Download: Understanding_the_impact_of_OER_2019_final.pdf (2.65 MB)
[Anonymous] (2014).  UNED OER experience: From OCW to open UNED.. IEEE Transactions on Education. 57(4), 248. Abstract