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Educause (2010).  7 things you should know about open educational resources. EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. 1-2. Download: ELI7061.pdf (388.48 KB)
Buehler, M. A. (2013).  Academic shift towards open access. Demystifying the Institutional Repository for Success. 29 - 62. Abstract
Iniesto, F., McAndrew P., Minocha S., & Coughlan T. (2016).  Accessibility of MOOCs: Understanding the provider perspective. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. 2016(1)(20), 1-10. Abstract  Download: 430-3369-1-PB.pdf (799.75 KB)
European Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture (2012).  Ad hoc expert seminar on 'Open Education' Brussels - 13 July 2012 summary record. European Commission: Directorate General Education and Culture Lifelong learning:Horizontal policy issues and 2020 strategy Skills and Qualifications. 1-5. Abstract  Download: Synthesis ad hoc expert meeting on Open Education 13 07 2012 (2).doc[1].pdf (37.44 KB)