# of items: 2451
           # of reports: 334

letter about

The OER Knowledge Cloud is being updated regularly by professional librarians and by volunteers.

The Cloud data, whether that be journal articles (i.e. papers in periodicals), reports (e.g. government, industrial), books  or other items, is fully searchable. The items are freely extractable from the database and or linked to a relevant URL. 

We are anticipating that Athabasca University Library will become a repository for all data that deals with Open Educational Resources and will be able to be the source of electronic copies of many references.

Future features will include:

  • An electronic map of organizations involved with OER with clickable points that lead to information about them.

letter project Members:

  • Colin Elliott- Digitization Coordinator
  • Darren Harkness- Research Web Developer
  • Rory McGreal- The UNESCO/COL Chair in Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Tim McNamara- NOOZOO Design
  • Viorel Tabara- Intermediate Web Systems Administrator
  • Tony Tin- Head of Digital Initiatives
  • Tracey Woodburn- Researcher